Our iOBD module is an extra add on for our Boost Controller to allow the OBD connectivity.The Boost controller with iOBD module give the to user the opportunity to have the control of their car engine because can monitor real time many variables thought car’s OBD port.Furthermore with this add on the user has the ability to set multiple limits to protect his car engine.


Supported Extra Values

Speed, Gear, Intake Temperature, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature,

Timing Ignition, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Air Fuel Ratio, Throttle Position,

Retardation cylinder 1, Retardation cylinder 2, Retardation cylinder 3, Retardation cylinder 4,

Misfire Counter, Short Fuel Trim, Long Fuel Trim, Fuel Pump Pressure, Engine Load

Supported Extra Limits Retardation, Misfire, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Fuel Trim
Supported Protocols OBD, VAG(TP2.0), VAGOBD, KLINE, AEMNET, MSLABS
Extra Features Clear DTC Errors


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