iBoost Boost Controller & Advance Gauge BASIC Version



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Welcome to iBoost Boost Controller, where precision meets performance in the world of boost control. Our platform offers an unparalleled array of features designed to cater to the needs of automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Boost Control
Our device provides both open and closed-loop boost control, allowing for precise adjustments up to 5 bar of boost pressure. This allows for precise adjustments to boost levels, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness tailored to your driving preferences.

Safety Features
Furthermore, we understand the importance of safeguarding your engine and components, which is why iBoost Boost Controller is equipped with multiple warnings and fail-safe mechanisms. Whether it’s overboost protection or sensor malfunction alerts, our platform prioritizes safety without compromising on performance.

Four Mode Maps
With four customizable mode maps, iBoost Boost Controller empowers you to tailor your driving experience to suit any scenario. Whether you’re hitting the track, navigating city streets, or seeking maximum fuel efficiency, our mode maps provide the versatility you need to optimize performance.

Boost Per Gear/RPM
Additionally, fine-tuning boost levels based on gear and RPM ranges is made effortless with iBoost Boost Controller. This granular level of control ensures that you can extract maximum power and efficiency from your engine across the entire rev range.

Methanol Injection Support
For those looking to push the boundaries of performance even further, iBoost Boost Controllerseamlessly integrates with methanol injection systems. By harnessing the cooling and octane-boosting properties of methanol, you can unlock the full potential of your engine with confidence.

Sensor and OBD Readings
Moreover, iBoost Boost Controller supports a wide range of sensors and OBD readings, providing comprehensive data insights for informed decision-making and precise tuning. From air-fuel ratios to exhaust gas temperatures, our platform equips you with the information you need to optimize performance with confidence.

Experience the next level of boost control technology and unlock the true potential of your vehicle today. Welcome to the future of automotive performance.


Operating Voltage 8-24v
Operating Temperature -10-40 Degrees Celsius

Boost controller

Map Sensor

Boost Solenoid Valve

Ready Wiring With Connectors

Reading Values Boost, Rpm, Speed, Gear, Egt, Afr, Duty
Boost Maps Boost Per Rpm, Boost Per Gear

Boost Limit, Warning

Egt Limit, Warning

Afr Limit Target Per Rpm

Extra Features

Start Boost For Faster Spool

Rpm Prepare and Shiftlight

Customizing 12v Output(Per Boost And Per Rpm)

External Input For Switching Boost Maps (eg. Remote Button)

External Input For Safe Mode(eg.Methanol Fail Safe Controller)

Save Peaks Values(Since Car Start And General)